Got to love the new jersies

Love the jersey. Not sure of the team name.
Love the jersey. Not sure of the team name.
This is some text about Kevin Durant and this sweet jersey switch. If there’s a better player on this team, please let me know. It looks like they’re going to have something to cheer for with a great young core.
Once they get rid of the deadbeats that comprise about 80 percent of the roster, they’ll be in business. Oh, and don’t forget about the ace they have up their sleeve – Saer Sene. He’s a great defensive center who’s game is still very raw. But with one more year of improvement and development, this cat could be a starting center in the NBA.
In the interest of writing more text, I have to put-out another interesting wonder. What if Oklahoma City is the new New Orleans? I mean, what if this young, up-and-coming squad made the city fall in love with professional basketball? For a long time, New Orleans couldn’t give a care about the Hornets. Until the All-Star Game, I dubbed the team’s crowd the sorriest in the NBA.
However, the Hornets are officially on the NBA map, and should have an excellent following next year and for years to come. I can only see the similarities in Oklahoma City. Right now, it’s tough to say if the Barons will get more support than OSU. However, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green and Durant will provide some excitement for many seasons.
There’s a very real possibility that another transplanted NBA team will win the hearts of its new city.