FreeWrite: The end to writer’s block

Writer’s block is a real thing. I’ve experienced it in various degrees over the years.

By its common definition, a writer struggles to record anything. This could be for a variety reasons. For me, the vision of what I wanted wasn’t matching what was appearing on the page.

This was problematic in several ways. First, a writer should never start writing with a preconceived notion of the result. Sure, she can follow an outline, but the writer should capture words and ideas as they flow freely in thought.

Secondly, if a writer doesn’t practice this—writing without expectation or judgement—each day, then the task of writing becomes daunting.

As in any endeavor, dedicated time is required for sharpening and honing ones skills.

I’ve made it a goal to devote 15 minutes a day to freewrite. Most of the entries will appear here on the blog like this one. Some, I may deem unfit for public consumption.

Of course, that ties back to my first point: The writer is merely the vessel through which words and ideas are recorded.

The result may not be up to standard. But that’s no fault of the writer who dedicates herself daily to her craft.

With dedicated practice, a writer will be able to capture the muse at will—dutifully allowing the story to write itself.

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