FreeWrite: The achievement paradox

Bruce Lee continues to inspire many people with his philosophy and works. There’s no question that he lived an inspired life, aiming for high achievement while famously espousing “no effort.”

Lee is an example of what I clumsily call the “achievement paradox.” He embraced the seemingly contradictory path to achievement. For instance, passion and love for martial arts and film drew him to endure the grueling training and sacrifice needed to improve.

The “achievement paradox” is supported by clinical studies as well. The ability to delay gratification is a actually predictor of long-term achievement.

So by all means, set lofty goals like Bruce Lee. Something you’re passionate about. Something you love. Decide that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

But conversely, always remain patient. Understand your limits. Learn from your failures. Be flexible enough to change course at a moment’s notice. Be humble enough to admit you don’t know everything. Be willing to step back and go in reverse.

Come to understand the most important paradox of all: Whether or not you achieve the goal is irrelevant. The journey is actually the dream.