FreeWrite: My cooking style, repertoire

I’ve learned to cook a number of Caribbean-inspired foods and dishes. That’s one thing that I never thought I’d be typing 10 years ago.

This morning, for example, I fried yellow plantains for breakfast. Added some fresh cherries on the side with hot, black coffee, and there you have it. A perfect breakfast.

Believe me, it hasn’t been easy. The learning curve has not been quick. I’m still over-cooking my plantains. But I think progress is being made.

My cooking style is a lot of trial and error. It usually takes me at least three or four times to make something to my liking. My first-time dishes have occasionally been disastrous.

This isn’t a Caribbean dish, but I had the idea of making homemade spinach pesto pasta one day. After watching a couple YouTube videos, I threw some lightly steamed spinach and garlic in a blender with cashews (I didn’t have pine nuts), olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and freshly-grated parmesan cheese.

As usual, I didn’t measure the ingredients and didn’t follow a particular recipe. In most cases, I can adjust things to taste. But the result in this case was far too nutty to resemble pesto, albeit a spinach pesto.

As you could expect, my kids didn’t each much that night.

I’m sure my spinach pesto pasta would be MUCH better a second time. I just haven’t tried making again because I don’t think anyone will give it a try now.

I realize I began this entry talking about how I generally cook Caribbean dishes. I seem to have gotten sidetracked (as usual), but it’s generally my go-to.

When I have some time to cook, I make stew chicken, curry chicken (although I’m far from an expert on this—curry is tricky) and baked salmon.

When I have less time, I’ll make tin mackerel, sardines or simply spaghetti.

My cooking repertoire isn’t extensive by any means, but it’s certainly enough to get the job done most of the time. More importantly, I have a good base of fundamentals which makes cooking enjoyable.