FreeWrite: If I could travel anywhere…

Hypothetically, of course, if I could travel anywhere, it’d probably would be inside the practice facility of an NBA team. Just be a fly on the wall, understand how things operate.

I know, I’m probably letting you down by not saying somewhere exotic like the moon, the bottom of the ocean, the top of Mt. Everest, or the Year 2099.

The fact is, all of those places (and times) would be dope, and I could think of about 100 more that would be interesting as well.

But let’s be real. Witnessing what happens behind closed doors within an NBA facility would be fascinating.

Not only would I get to learn about the social dynamics of that particular team, I’d get to learn more about how elite basketball players train. How they prepare their mind and body every day.

I think that knowledge would directly benefit me as well. No, I don’t have aspirations of playing basketball at a high level, but as an athlete, I’m endlessly fascinated by other athletes.

Getting an unfiltered look into the inner workings of an NBA team would provide me with a concentrated dose of knowledge. Just what I’d need to level up.