Offseason training

Just as the best players use the offseason to work on their game, I do the same thing as a basketball writer and editor.

The prevailing theme around this time of the year is that things are slow. It’s a good time for a vacation. That sort of vibe.

But I believe this is the BEST time to go hard and get better. This offseason, I’ve been using some of my spare time to break down all kinds of stats from last season. Continuing to study the game.

On the job, I create challenges for myself. Pushing myself to uncover the big story that hasn’t been aggregated (while following the new protocol–word to Windy).

I’ve also been watching the WNBA more than any previous summer. If you consider yourself a fan of basketball, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be watch high-level competition. The league is full of most elite players in the world. I mean, c’mon now…

I challenge myself by taking on extra work. Staying up late and waking up early if need be.

I’m continually working on my discipline and getting my mind and body right so I can perform at the highest level.

But most of all, I’m dedicating myself to writing on a daily basis. Once and for all, I’m committing to keeping this skill super sharp.