Quick 2 Cents on Boogie Joining the Warriors

Before we declare the Warriors the 2019 NBA champions and call the regular season and playoffs a mere formality, let’s take a step back.

Of course, with DeMarcus Cousins—even a less-than-100-percent Cousins—the Warriors have upgraded in a major way. On paper, they have five All-NBA caliber players—a group more talented than the League has ever seen.

And while the Warriors’ incumbent stars are uniquely selfless players, it remains to be seen how well Boogie will integrate with the Golden State roster.

For the past five seasons, Cousins has had one of the highest usage rates in the NBA—above 31 percent for the past five seasons.

The ball generally stops when it gets to Boogie. Will he be able to change his game and play Warriors-style basketball?

What happens if he’s not putting up stats that would necessitate a max-level deal next summer?

If this was 2K, the Warriors would be unstoppable. But in reality, Boogie is the type of player and personality that could actually hinder Golden State more than help.